play Hard Quadruped challenge
all over the world, 1.4. - 30.9.

Do you like sending a disc as far as possible?
Are you trying to get better?
Do you throw and then like to measure your attempt? Yes? Then continue reading …
Do you have an adult dog who loves to run and catch frisbees or some friend with such a skilled dog?

If the last anwer is yes, too, this challenge is definitely for you!

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Qualification round is nearly at the end! 31st May!!!

What is it about?
It is basically an online competition in a dogfrisbee discipline The Quadruped. This discipline is a part of many competitions, not only in Czechia. It is a traditional discipline of the Czech championships and the European Championships as well. A lot of sports are going online to a video world. Help us to do the same with this great discipline.

How can you become a part of it?
The first step is filling in the entry form. The next step is sending videos of your successful throws - caught by dog, of course. Each team can send up to three videos per month. Only the best/furthest throw will count to the results.

From when to when?

We start on 1st April. A deadline for the last video is 30th September. Your time for throwing and sending the great catches is from April till September, so you can throw really a lot.  A weekend of 2nd - 3rd October belongs to a awarding ceremony.
Filling in the entry form and getting into the game is possible till 31st May!
There is going to be a authentication sing before each round of throws!

5 EUR / team / challenge
IBAN: CZ5820100000002700833774

Bank's address: Fio banka a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1
Account´s holder: Markéta Urbášková

What does make it The Quadruped?
Based on throws from videos sent in April and May, we are going to create groups (3 to 5 groups). In June, there are going to be first rounds in the groups (best 3 teams from each group go on). In July, there are going to be second rounds (best 2 from each group go on). In August, there is the third round - group finals. In September, the whole challenge is going to culminate - the final and final results! 

Winners of the groups will place at the top above all the rest of the teams, their final placement based on their performance in the final rounds! However those who didn´t make it to the final can still send their videos and get better overall placement. 

In case there is a lot of teams participating, the challenge will be divided to Women and Men.

Time schedule:


4/1 - 5/31 qualification round - you will be divided into groups based on your throws sent during this time perieod.
This period of challenge is time for you to maximally try, train, throw and have a competitive spirit! You can send some video sonner than just before the deadline, so the other players can respond by their throws!

- max. 6 videos per team (3 authentication sing for two weeks)


6/1 - 6/30 1st round in groups - 3 teams with the longest throws in each group move to the 2nd round.
- max. 3 videos per team


7/1. - 7/31 2nd round in groups - 2 teams with the longest throws in each group move to the 3rd round = the group´s final
- max. 3 videos per team


8/1. - 8/31 Groups´ finals - a team with the longest throw in each group goes into the challenge´s Big Final round
- max. 3 videos per team


9/1 - 9/30. The Big Final


10/2 - 10/3 online announcement of the winners
- time and date to be specified

As with the normal Quadruped teams don´t have to use all the throws (= the full limit of 3 videos per round). If you feel that your throw is long enough and it gets you to another round you can send only one video. On the other hand, if you see a great attempt from somone else you can accept the challenge and try to send a longer throw, "stealing" the lead as is common in the "real-life" Quadruped.

What are you going to need?


Fair play attitude!


Dog who is 18 months old or older and ideally who is used to catch frisbees


Safe dogfrisbee disc. If you are able to throw with the rubber frisbee, go for it. Otherwise my recomendation is the Hero Xtra distance frisbee.


ideally flat and safe field which is also long enough


Tape measure. Any safe tape you have. If it is shorter than your throws, just tell us so when sending the video.


Some video recording device and a person to record your throw. There is usually necessary to zoom/move the camera while the throw so there is captured everything from the beggining of the throw to the end - tape measure.


Something to mark the place of a catch, and the beggining of the measuring (in case you do have a shorter tape measure).


Internet connection. For sending the videos and watching the other players.


What are the vidoe requirements?
You need to send the video of the whole attempt with no editing  - since the player starts to get ready till the moment you show on the camera the catch distance on the tape measure.
Do keep in mind the authentication sing! Send your videos via WeTransfer or similar to marketaurbaskova@ymail.com. There is going to be added a challenge mark and than it is going to be published on our pH youtube channel with the result.  If the video is not clear enough, you will be asked for a new one.
New videos will be added each week till the Sunday so everybody has their chance to respod!

Who is writing down the meters? Markéta Urbášková

Czech Champion 2019
Europeacn Champion 2015
Vice-European Champion 2014

Is your tape measure too short? No problem!  

What are you throwing for?
Victory! and a set of  5 competition discs Hero Xtra distance!
Follow our event on fb and you´ll know all the updates.


If some important info is missing, let us know to marketaurbaskova@ymail.com or leave us a message at fb messenger.

photo: Yvona Pařízková fotostory
archiv Psí hrátky

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