Play Hapilly Online Freestyle
all over the world, 27-28th March 2021

team Thomas Fisher (D)
canine Simone Villani (I)
player Joanna Korbal (PL)

execution Iveta Chomátová (CZ)

Toss'n Fetch Markéta Urbášková (CZ)

Results: FS Open / FS Starters / Toss'n Fetch

This year again we prepared for you an online event to give you an opportunity to compete a bit no matter where you are. We had great prizes from our sponsors again and in addition to that, this year there were also special trophies for the winners handcrafted by Radka Tihelková!

All the disciplines used the USDDN scoring system. PH Online Freestyle is a part of a year-round online series RAK Online Dogfrisbee Cup 2021. Complete rules of RAK Online Cup and its disciplines.

Online Toss'n Fetch
Freestyle Open- 120s
Freestyle Starters- 90 s - for beginning teams

Rules for online disciplines are HERE (scroll down the page)

And one more upgrade: all freestylers got scored by points, as usual, but on top of that you had a chance to got verbal feedback and tips how to improve your routines from our amazing judges. That's pretty good way how to get ready and storm into a “normal” season with a head start. Because you must agree that the feedback from THESE JUDGES is really worth ending your frisbee hibernation a little bit earlier and get started!:

TEAM - Thomas Fisher (D)
The highlight of our judging crew, a head - team judge. Thomas is a multiple-times European Champion. His style of play is original and striking - from synchronization to the music, to truly freestyle throws and great connection with his dog. Plus, this player is an incredibly congenial person That's our team judge for this year!

CANINE - Joanna Korbal (PL)
There are not many players with so much experience with and so many great achievements with that many various dogs as Joanna. She regularly wins a Best freestyle round award. Her freestyle is typical with really well trained dogs and a clear communication between Joanna and her dogs during the game. She belongs to the best Polish players ever

PLAYER - Simone Villani (I)
Simone is typical of very dynamic freestyle which is full of energy. He is one of the very best Italian players of the past years and also in European dogfrisbee he counts to the best. Last year, Simone and his border collie Trouble absolutely dominated the Czech Freestyle Championship

EXECUTION - Iveta Chomátová (CZ)
Iveta has represented our country at big games not only in Europe, but also in America and Asia. She is a true freestyler and a total disc-magician.

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