Key DiscDog Freestyle - 14th KDDF
16. - 17.5.2020    ONLINE

Informations for competitors


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team  Patrik Szőcs (SVK)  
  Tracy Custer (USA)
player  Nikol Vízková (CZE) 
execution  Radka Tihelková (CZE)

Videos of registered teams

Everything has changed, but we don´t give up and so KDDF goes ONLINE!

Awards already knows their owners! Congratulations!
Big thank goes to our sponsors Brit and Canvit companies!

Video sestřihy rozhodčích:



Any suitable place safe for you and your dog that is available



Freestyle according to the USDDN rules – 1 freestyle round on video; no editing (more info below)


Divisions: Freestyle:

Open 120s routine - timed from the first throw for the dog (USDDN rules)
Starters 90s routine - timed from the first throw for the dog (USDDN rules); for anyone who hasn´t started yet in Open division or hasn´t won Starters division or hasn´t placed 2x on the podium in Starters - based on DiscDog CZ rules for Starters division.

What is it all about?
We will edit your videos - add logos of our event´s sponsors and name of the team and event´s name - and send them to the judges and post them on an event´s FB page. Once we get scores from our judges, we put them together and on Sunday 17th we will announce our winners as well as comlete results.
Videos will be posted without a music so that there are no troubles with a copyright.

Entry fee:
The most important for us is a good participation. So no worries about fees, just join the game.

How to take part:


Fill in the entry form.


One dog can play with more players - can be part of more teams (one dog, one player). One player can play with more dogs - can participate in more teams (one player, one dog). Only dogs that are 18 months or older can participate in any divison.


According to the Czech laws dogs with cropped ears cannot be allowed to participate in any form.


Send us your video.

Best three teams in both divisions will be rewarded by a gift parcel. Other than Czech and Slovakian teams can get their prize at some later Czech event or via a mediator.

Video requirements:


Video needs to be filmed specificaly for the online KDDF event. We will let you know on Saturday 9th how to show us that the video is authentic :o).
It´s not possible to aprticipate with videos from other competitions or with any other odler videos. Every team can send that attempt which they feel is the best one. You don´t have to send the first one taken. However every competing video needs to be played in one piece, from pre routine till the last throw, without any editing.


Film the video from the same position where normally jduges sit at the field. It means in the middle of the longer side of the field. If your field is smaller or square-like take it from whichever side. Just make sure you are not filming with the sun into your camera and that there are no obstacles that would disrupt the view of your routine. 


Make sure the video is of a good quality so that the judges can really see your performance and not just guess.


We recommend to film with a wide shot so thai ideally there are both a dog and a player. If you need to choose between taking either a dog or a player choose the dog so that a catch (or a miss) can be seen. 

Sending of your video:


name the video as following:  DIVISION_player name_dog 
(eg. OPEN _MarkétaUrbaskova_PC)


send your videos via this link:  https://www.uschovna.cz/poslat-zasilku


to the note box write a name of your freestyle song or even better put there a link to your song on youtube.


to these e-mails veronikaurbaskova@gmail.com and marketaurbaskova@ymail.com


any time from 10th May (Sunday) till 15th May (Friday) 8pm of CEST (UTC+2)

By USDDN freestyle rules inlcuding separated elements of Player, Canine, Execution and Team.  Each element is judged by one judge.

In addition to this there is a Czech DiscDog Club rule about vaults in Starters division - teams are allowed to perform vaults in their routines but they won´t get scored for them. But the non-scoring policy doesn´t apply to crashes.

Catches made out of the view are automatically scored as misses. Where there is not a clear if the dog caught or not, be it caused by a position of the camera or a quality of the video, it´s up to the judge´s decision (and no other discussions ;) ).

Registration is opened till: 15th May 2020




Is definitelly not the problem of this year :o)))))

Contact persons:

V. Urbášková: veronika.urbaskova@seznam.cz, +420737772218



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