Key DiscDog Freestyle - 14th KDDF
16. - 17.5.2020

team/player  Patrik Szőcs (SK)
    Pam Martin (USA)
player    Nikol Vízková (CZ)   
SPTF  ???
DogDartbee  ???

Entry Form

List of entered teams

USDDN Qualifier 2020
Top 4 teams in Open + best open freestyle round will qualify for Czech Championships 2020.
Every team who gets 40 and more points in SuperPro Toss&Fetch will qualify for Czech Championships.


There is going to be a seminar with Pam Martin (USA) on Monday after the competition 18th May - more informations

Freestyle and SuperPro Toss&Fetch are a part of czech dogfrisbee Brit Cup 2020.


Football field Citov -
map is here
(GPS: 49.465869, 17.324867)


IMPORTANT: Second rounds will be in a reverse order to the results from first rounds. Second round starting order of competitors´ who play with more than one dog won´t be changed. Not even in case their dogs have to start right ofter another!


Freestyle by USDDN rulles – 2 rounds of freestyle + toss&fetch


SuperPro Toss & Fetch (alias SuperMinidistance) by USDDN rulles – 2 rounds


DogDartbee by DiscDog CZ rulles

– 1st round of SPTF - Q, 1st round of Freestyle + toss and fetch, human dogfreestyle, DogDartbee
– 2nd round of SPTF - Q , 2nd round of Freestyle, Superminidistance - Division II, Price-giving ceremony

Approximate time schedule: coming

Category: Freestyle:

Open - Q

2 minutes per routine; by USDDN rulles – qualification for USDDN World Finals and Czech Championships


1,5 minute per routine; for teams who - haven´t started in Open, yet; haven´t won Startes class or haven´t ended up twice on 2nd or 3rd place – by DiscDog CZ rulles


2 minutes per routine; for dogs who are 38 cm tall or lower; will be opened only in case there are 5 or more paid teams at the day of deadline for enering


Entry fee

Freestyle Open - Q 450 CZK
Freestyle Starters/Bonsai 400 CZK
SPTF division I - Q 250 CZK
SPTF division II 200 CZK
DogDartbee 150 CZK


Registration is opened till: 15th May 2020; to register after this date you have to contact an organiser

According to the Czech rules only dogs that are 18 months or older can participate in any divison. According to the Czech laws dogs with cropped ears cannot be allowed to participate in any form.

You have to bring valid pet passport at registration desk + flashdisk with your music

It´s also possible to send us your music in advance in MP3 by e-mail: marketaurbaskova@ymail.com. We will reply you to let you know we´ve recieved your music. If you won´t get it, please inform us as it probably means we don´t have your music. It is possible to do so untill the Thursday , 24.00 hours.

Please, send your music in this format:
Category_your name_your dog´s name (eg. OPEN_John Smith_Rover)
Thank you

For foreigners, it´s possible to pay at registration.

Accomodation is as usual possible in your own tent at the field. There are showers and toilets of course.

 50 CZK / person / night

All participiants have to have their dog´s under control. Dogs should be on leash when not competing in the competition area and in the camp. Particicpiants have to follow „Code of animals´protection of DiscDog CZ“.

Contact persons:

V. Urbášková: veronika.urbaskova@seznam.cz, +420737772218



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