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16. Morava DiscDog Distance
Citov, 26. - 27.9.2020


bullet SuperMinidistance (SMD)
 - USDDN rules
bullet The Quadruped
bullet Parallel TimeTrial
bullet DogDartbee
bullet KanJam

Veronika Urbášková

Entry Form            Registered teams

This distance competition is part of Brit Cup 2020 and is qualifier for Czech championships 2021 in SMD and The Quadruped. This competition follows rules of the Czech DiscDog club.

Football field in Citov - link of the map HERE
GPS: 49.465869, 17.324867

Click on the picture for bigger resolution:

pink spot = for competitors only, place for tents and cars together
green spot = place for tents only
yellow spot = private parking
orange spot = additional parking place

Time schedule:
times can change according the amount of registered teams!
6 PM is possible to arrive to the area and from 8 till 9 PM is reagistration

Registration 8.30 - 9.30 AM
Beginning at 10.00 AM
Expected end of the competition an award ceremony at 4 PM :o)

Registration 8.00 - 8.30 AM
Beginning at 9.00 AM
Expected end of the competition an award ceremony at 4 PM :o)

Saturday: SMD I (Brit Cup) + DogDartbee + KanJam
Sunday: The Quadruped + TimeTrial + SMD II + KanJam

Entry fee:
150 CZK / discipline
400 CZK / 4 disciplines
500 CZK / all 5 disciplines
50 CZK / team


 at the place

Deadline of registration:
Entry form closes on 24.9.2020, later is registeration only by the personal message.

Camping place availale. Competitors for free!
Non-competing person  50 CZK / day.

Contact persons:
Markéta Urbášková: e-mail, tel +420605482815
Verča Urbášková: e-mail
, tel +420737772218

Additional info:
Only dogs older 18 months can participate.
Females in season are not allowed!
Dogs have to be clinically healthy and you need to have its´ pet passport.



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